Let's say there was the chick who, during a momentary lapse of judgement, video sexted with this guy one time, and now he won't leave her alone? I mean, hypothetically speaking, of course. And let's say he messages her every hour, wanting to talk to her, and she doesn't know how to block him.

How does she tell him to back the fuck off without being rude?
 So, I'm a diabetic. I don't mean I-eat-really-bad-food-and-am-overweight diabetic. That's type two. I'm the my-pancreas-went-capute-so-I-have-to-inject-myself-multiple-times-a-day diabetic. Neither are fun--my ma's a type two--but it's not so bad.

Okay, so I'm slightly lying. I used to be terrified of needles, though not so much anymore. Well, I'm fine as long as they don't pierce my vein and I don't have to look at them. The needles I use are super thin, so it's okay, I guess.

One of the worst parts is getting low blood sugar in the middle of the night; I'm always hungry then, anyway, and being low on top of it makes me feel ravenous. But when I get up, I'm all shaky and dizzy so I nearly fall going down the stairs, and sometimes I don't have juice or something, so I have to chug some creamer... Yeah... Not fun shit.

And getting high blood sugar means I'm all spaced out and kinda bitchy. Also not fun. And I have a certain range to keep my sugar in, so blech. I guess it could be worse--I could have something terminal, instead of just chronic. 

Anyway, I'm off to get my hair did--its black and cut into an A-line, but it's getting shorter, and streaked red! :D


So, I've decided to try a blog! :D For those of you who may so happen to give a flying fuck. And look! There they all go! Flying the fuck away.

I've tried writing blogs before... And they crashed and burned. But this is more for my AFF account then anything--my profile page looks sadly boring.

So, this week I got a check from my uber-rich g-ma. (That's not why I love her. I mean, I love her 'cause she's my grandma, sweet thing. But she gave me a check as a late gift.) Anyway, I bought this awesome dress with spikes on the shoulders, and some fish-net skull gloves and a black bikini with a metal skull on it, courtesy of Spencer's. (The store, not the dude.) Oh! And a B.V.B. tee, but that's for Warped Tour.

Speaking of, that's in two weeks. I'm fucking excited! I'm looking forward to Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, and The Summerset the most. Hells yeah!

And did I mention I (finally) got my nose pierced today? Great day.




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